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I am a web developer, Gamer, High School student, Bot developer and a Web-Game developer

About Me I am a web developer, Gamer, High School student, Bot developer. I started creating games on web using WebGL and .

Get to know me!

Hey! It's Code White Web and I'm a Frontend Web Developer located in India. I've done Bot Development projects for Discord server, with custom request bot Game Development for both personal satisfaction and Freelancing .

I'm a bit Lazy. I have created 100+ website for freelancing, and because I am a school student, I am unable to respond everyone, but, Feel free to contact me here.


My Skills


Projects I have done 100+ projects for free lancing, but I also make some codes open source, checkout some here...

Software Screenshot

3D Dice

3D Dice, created with Pure CSS and small code of Javascript, checkout it on my github page, don't forgot to star the project.

Github Link
Software Screenshot

responsive Gaming News Template

Simple and elegant Design, Use it for anything, yeah literally anything. check out on my github repo.

Github Link
Software Screenshot

Snake Game

Basic Snake game with a terminal theme. Created with basic javascript and a little bit of CSS.

Github Link

Contact Contact me anytime, I will 100% respond you.